Be My Disciples

Please complete this form before June 25, 2023. 

Cost: $65.00 per child to a maximum of $195.00 per family.
Payable by cash or by cheque to Our Lady of Fatima – Be My Disciples.

Deadline: The completed form with payment must be received by June 25, 2023.

New registrants: For children registering for the first time, please submit a copy of the baptism certificate.

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High School

School Information 2023-24: Name of School             Grade

Sacrament Registration 2023-24:

First Communion/Reconciliation: Children must be registered in level 2 or higher and have completed the previous level to be eligible.
Confirmation: Children must be registered in level 6 or higher and have completed level 5 to be eligible.

Does your child have a diagnosed learning disability (e.g. ADD, dyslexia)?  

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Pick-Up Autorization Form
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